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In the olden times anyone who had a large number of slaves was the most influential person in the society. After this the person who possessed large extent of land become powerful. Later came the rich who possessed material wealth. Now the most powerful persons are those with knowledge and leadership competencies. This is applicable to the world over.

'Nanma' is a social movement based in the state of Kerala dedicated to spread compassion and goodness among the needy number of our society.

'We find that there are a lot of people, particularly children, who need support to be aware of their own inner talents and for devising strategies to enhance their own capabilities. On the other hand there are people who are successful in their careers and lives and still interested in passing on their rich experiences to the needy students.

'Nanma' is trying to bridge this gap by creating a common platform of poor and needy students and those who are willing to prove a helping hand to them. We have to encourage those needy children to dream big. Then explore their inner talents and nurture them, so that they become effective leaders of tomorrow.

We believe that every child is bestowed with a lot of talents. At Nanma what we are doing is helping the children to identify their inner potentials and to nurture them as trustees of this precious wealth. We do not give them ready-made answers or quick-fix solutions. We train them how to become self-directed learners and prepare them to be leaders of themselves and of others. We need to make each child in Nanma a self-directed learner, a lifelong leaner. To enable them to unleash their potential we have to provide a highly leaner-friendly atmosphere.

Let them learn in an atmosphere of peace, happiness and care. Let them experience the art of learning and the joy of learning and growing. Let us together build leaders of tomorrow by giving a helping hand to those children who deserve.

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Within every person exists a talent! However, no one realizes the full potential of their own talents. When people fail to make use of their talents properly, they slowly degenerate. Along with this, the essential element of "Nanma" is also lost.

The mission of NANMA is to inspire, stimulate and facilitate youth to first explore and then transcend the physical, intellectual and spiritual boundaries of their inner potential, producing individuals with highly ignited...

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P Vijayan IPS

Inspector General of Police

Prasad K Panicker

Executive Director,BPCL Kochi

George Thomas

General Manager,BPCL Kochi

S Surendran IPS

Deputy Inspector General of Police

M Remesh Kumar

Deputy Superintendent of Police


Executive Committee

Nandakumar E

Former Executive Director,BPCL Kochi

Dr.Sachidananda Kamath
Vice President


Dr. Henry Joseph
Vice President


TK Haridas

Sr. Manager, Alchem labortaries

Ranjith Warrior
Joint Secretary


KS Bhatti

Director Dadha Pharma Distribution PVT LTD