Nanma Learning centre

For the complete attainment of the objectives of Nanma, Nanma has set up a Learning Centre at Puthoormadam, Calicut. The learning centre is a resource centre for the students and other stake holders of Nanma, which enable them to dream and make their dreams come true. The learning centre acts as:

The central office for administration

The different projects of Nanma are being carried out over 4 districts in Kerala. The learning centre will act as the central office for administrating and coordinating the activities of Nanma.

A library of reference books

The Nanma learning centre is equipped with a library of international standard. Books providing information on a variety of areas like History, Geography, Political Science, Civics, Mathematical ability, Reasoning, Competitive examinations and a number of Journals and Magazines are available.

As an E- learning centre

The learning centre is also equipped with computers with internet facility, so that the children could be exposed to the day to day updated in knowledge and possibilities of E-learning facilities could be explored.

A place for member interaction

The Projects of Nanma will attain its targets only if the faculty members and other officials interact among themselves, fruitfully. The learning centre acts as a place for interaction where the Nanma members could meet discuss their experiences and learn from each other.

An Alma mater for all Nanma stake holders

So far more than 3000 students have benefitted out of different projects of Nanma. All these students have been trained in the concept of Nanma with the key focus on realizing and optimizing their potential. The stake holders benefitting from Nanma programme should develop a feeling of ownership in them. The learning centre will act as a common meeting point for all the Nanma students and beneficiaries, to come back to, at any point of time and pass on their learning and experiences. Eminent persons like Prof.P.C.Thomas, Thrissur, Sri.P.Vijayan IPS, Commissioner of Police, Thrissur, Dr.Jayan, Cochin Refineries, Dr. Indira Rajan, Chairperson, Minerva Education Trust, Shri.T.K.Jose IAS, Shri.Sethuraman IPS, Shri.Sparjan Kumar IPS, Prof.Hafiz Muhammed, Shri.V.K.Muhammed Asharaf, Shri.P.V.Abdul Wahab, Dr.Suresh Kumar, IPM, Dr.Ramachandran and eminent organizations like BPCL -Kochi Refinery, Geojit Financial Services Ltd., K.R.Bakery etc are also closely associated with all the activities of Nanma


Nanma is an organization without any funds or budget. It's strategy is to design the programmes identify the beneficiaries and link them to the persons/corporates/institutions who can provide funding support. Currently Nanma is lead by a committed team of Civil Servants, Businessmen, Journalists & professionals etc. This is the honest attempt to touch hearts. The perspective is clear. Nanma will not make any commitment. It will direct the needy to the right counter of help. Needs varying from medical assistance, support to pursue academic career, right guidance in venues like arts & sports, it could be anything related to life. This is a prayer personal and silent. This is a legacy that we hand over to our children