Project Candlelight

Project Candlelight is yet another effort that Nanma has initiated. It envisages eliminating the darkness that envelops a large number of children. The project hopes to take their hand and lead them to a space from where they can take the right decisions on their future.

Nanma identified 1,000 students from 33 government and aided schools in and around Ernakulam. The goal was to remove the impediments these children were facing in their academic careers. The project aimed to remove all these blocks through continuous monitoring and assistance to the selected students.

The project was not restricted to children alone. Nanma found that inappropriate parenting and insufficient teaching were two major problems that children encounter. For parents, Nanma organized counselling sessions to bring them out of their limiting beliefs and mental blocks. For teachers Nanma proposed to create modules on quality teaching tools in association with UNICEF. The role of Nanma, like in all projects, was to identify the beneficiaries and spotting the sponsors.

Specific Activities under Project Candle Light

  • Providing study materials to the selected students b. Different Orientation/ Training Programmes for the students, teachers and parents. Teacher Training programmes c. Mentoring & Personal Counselling Support in needy cases.

Expected Benefit from the Project

The project is aimed to achieve the following objectives

  • Creating aspirations in students
  • Help students to envision their future
  • Help to overcome the impediments in their academic life
  • Improves skill development
  • Proper career guidance at the right time
  • Provide opportunity for individuals, corporates etc to exercise their Social Responsibility Nanma firmly believes that a generation properly trained and employed will help change society. From the energy derived from the phenomenal success of Project candle light, more number of people from different sectors expressed their interest to join hands with Nanma, and welcomed and offered support to function in districts other than Ernakulam. So Nanma designed a programme, Capability Exploration and Enhancement Programme (CEEP) and spread over 4 districts in Kerala.