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Within every person exists a talent! However, no one realizes the full potential of their own talents. When people fail to make use of their talents properly, they slowly degenerate. Along with this, the essential element of "Nanma" is also lost. "Nanma" is a gift bestowed on mankind at birth itself. However, over time, due to ignorance or neglect, this element deteriorates and then disappears. This must not be allowed to happen. "Nanma" is a critical component of our human-ness, which needs to be protected, cherished and enabled to come to fruition. In turn, "Nanma" will ensure the universal blossoming of the inherent capabilities within man.

Our Mission

The mission of NANMA is to inspire, stimulate and facilitate youth to first explore and then transcend the physical, intellectual and spiritual boundaries of their inner potential, producing individuals with highly ignited minds who are capable of driving an all-round national renaissance

Our Initiatives

Nanma foundation is a social movement based in Kerala state. Dedicated to spread compassion and goodness among the needy members of our society based on the concept of Mahatma Gandhi's doctrine of trusteeship.


One of the most praiseworthy efforts undertaken by Nanma was the multi-pronged attempt to "cleanse" Udaya Colony. This colony, where around 150 families were holed up in miserable conditions, has been the breeding ground for crimes in Kochi.

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Project candlelight

Project Candlelight is yet another effort that Nanma has initiated. It envisages eliminating the darkness that envelops a large number of children. The project hopes to take their hand and lead them to a space from where they can take the right decisions on their future.

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CEEP is the programme of Nanma which attempts to create self awareness among the selected students of their inner potential, identifying and removing impediments in exploring their inner potential and developing various skills like life skill, language skill logical and reasoning skill etc

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Nanma Learning Center

For the complete attainment of the objectives of Nanma, Nanma has set up a Learning Centre at Puthoormadam, Calicut. The learning centre is a resource centre for the students and other stake holders of Nanma, which enable them to dream and make their dreams come true.

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Rebuilding Kerala

Even as the flood waters have begun to recede, people in the southern Indian state of Kerala are yet to come to terms with the extent of damage caused to lives and properties. The state faced its worst disaster since 1924, and it is now important to rebuild infrastructure and rehabilitate the displaced population.

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Supported By

P Vijayan IPS

Inspector General of Police

Prasad K Panicker

Executive Director,BPCL Kochi

George Thomas

General Manager,BPCL Kochi

S Surendran IPS

Deputy Inspector General of Police

M Remesh Kumar

Deputy Superintendent of Police


Executive Committee

Nandakumar E

Former Executive Director,BPCL Kochi

Dr.Sachidananda Kamath
Vice President


Dr. Henry Joseph
Vice President


TK Haridas

Sr. Manager, Alchem labortaries

Ranjith Warrior
Joint Secretary


KS Bhatti

Director Dadha Pharma Distribution PVT LTD

Sreedeeplal MS
IT Consultant


Nanma Centers

The learning centres are a resource centres for the students and other stake holders of Nanma, which enable them to dream and make their dreams come true



Ambalamugal Vypeen Perumbavoor



Engandiyur Elthuruth











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